U12 Clontarf Celtic V Drogheda – What a game

Sunday 17th May was the last day of the Leinster U12 Plate League which saw a dramatic playoff game between Clontarf Celtic and Drogheda for first place. The match was tight in the first quater with only a goal between the teams. Drogheda in the second and third quarter scored a number of goals opening a lead putting Clontarf under pressure with the score 7;3 going into the last quarter. The final score saw a dramatic come back with Clontarf score 4 times to leave the score at 7;7 in the end. The atmosphere in Guinness pool for the last quater was electric. Both U12 teams played their hearts out, in the end the teams decided to split the league with all the kids leaving the pool with a smile on their faces, with Junior Waterpolo winning out with a very exciting match played. Thanks to Drogheda for travelling into Guinness for this game. This closes out the Leinster Leagues, the U12 2003 team are in action this weekend in the 2003 Irish Cup, best of luck to all, Drogheda and Clontarf may meet again.